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Benefits to you

  • No queues
  • No engaged tones
  • Instant access to choice and variety wherever you are
  • Reassurance that your order will be received error free

Become a member and benefit from

  • Special promotions and discounts
  • Re-order your favourite meals quickly and easily
  • Save multiple delivery addresses so that good food finds you wherever you are
  • Receive alerts when new restaurants join the service
  • Rate restaurants and post comments
  • and much more...

How Nifty Nosh works

Nifty Nosh provides a simple and hassle free way to order food from restaurants and takeaways in your area.

Tell us

  • Where you are
  • When you would like to eat - Now or Later

We’ll find quality restaurants in your area that provide the food you fancy. Choose your food and order online directly. Payment is made securely by credit or debit card.

Once submitted, your order is received instantly by the restaurant. As soon as the restaurant accepts your order, we’ll send you an acceptance confirmation message by email and if you choose, by text message, confirming that your order is being prepared and notifying you when it will be ready.

No faxes, no phone calls, no errors, no hassle!! Simply relax and enjoy your meal!

Why we need your six digit postcode

At Nifty Nosh we’ve developed a sophisticated location based search engine. Telling us where you are allows us to return only those restaurants that deliver to your address. That way you don’t face the inconvenience of placing orders with restaurants that can’t serve you.

Why we need to know when you want to eat

Nifty Nosh takes pride in offering a flexible service that meets the needs of customers at all times of the day. Each of our food service providers have their own individual opening hours with some offering different menus for different times of the day. By knowing when you want to eat we can provide accurate details on restaurants that are open at the time you need them offering you only menus and food choices that are available at that time.

About the Online Menus

We re-create each restaurant’s menu as a dynamic online order form from which you can choose the food you want. If a restaurant has different menus available at different times of the day (e.g. breakfast, lunch, catering) we‘ll present all of their menus. Our system ensures customers can only place orders from the menus available at the time they want to eat.

Order Processing and Management

Order processing is managed through our Order Receipt Terminal that we install in each restaurant. All orders placed through Nifty Nosh are received, processed and managed directly by the restaurant ensuring that your food is produced promptly and accurately and ready when you want it.

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